Oshkosh Coil Spring is very proud of our facilities and our products, please take a short tour.

Common Materials Worked With

Diameters ranging from .008″ up to .625″

Music Wire

Hard Drawn

Oil Tempered

Carbon Valve

Chrome Silicon

Chrome Vanadium

Grade 302/303 Stainless

17-7 PH Stainless

Less common wires such as Phospher Bronze, Inconel 600, Inconel X-750 and Beryllium Copper

Primary Spring Manufacturing

✔ Spring Coiling Machines

✔ Wire Bending Machines

✔ Hi Speed Looping Machines

✔ Power Diacro Tables

Secondary Spring Manufacturing

✔ Servo Tables

✔ Diacro Tables

✔ Grinding Stations

✔ Shot-Peening

✔ Looping Stations

✔ Kick Press Department

✔ Stress Relieving Ovens

✔ Powder Paint Line

✔ Liquid Paint Line

✔ Assembly and Welding Capability

✔ Machining Centers

Engineering/ Quality Control

✔ Multiple Load Cell Testers

✔ Torsional Load Tester

✔ ISIR/PPAP Processes

✔ Calibrated Tools, Blocks, Pins and Gauges

✔ Design Assistance

✔ Sampling and Prototyping

Oshkosh Coil Spring designs and manufactures every type of spring you can imagine.  Do you have a spring design in mind, or concept you need assistance with? Click the button below!

Hours of Operation

Office Hours:

Monday Through Friday – 7:30 AM to 5 PM (Central Time)

Shop Hours:

Monday Through Friday – 24 hours a day

Saturday as needed

3575 N. Main Street

Oshkosh, WI 54901


1(800) 638-8360

(920) 235-7620

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